The Republic of Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe.
1300 years of Bulgarian history.
The area has a moderate continental climate.
Tourism is one of the main branches of the Bulgarian economy. The country is rich in cultural and historical attractions.

Slanchev Bryag is the largest resort in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Magnificent scenery, mild climate, crystal clear water and fine sands are an adequate precondition for presenting the prestigious Blue Flag award. More than 200 hotels are located within the limits of the complex - for the most part 3 and 4 star hotels. For all sports fans Slanchev Bryag has tennis courts, playgrounds and mini-golf, as well as facilities of practicing extreme water sports such as hang gliding or parachuting, jet skiing, surfing and water skiing.

The Bulgarian-style restaurants reproduce the exceptional Bulgarian historical traditions and offer both national specialities and European and Asian cuisine. Modern nightclubs and discos make the musical magic of the nights in Slanchev Bryag. Kid’s entertainment facilities turn the vacation here into a real paradise for children.
Slanchev Bryag is situated on a semi-circular open bay in the east with bay length of 8 km and bay width of 30 to 60 m, with pure golden sands and natural dunes. The water is clean and the seabed slightly drops down. The sea is peaceful and safe. For the period May - September there are about 1700 sunshine hours with an average daily temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius.



Nesebar is situated on a small island which is connected to the mainland with a 400 m isthmus. Nesebar is one of the oldest European cities and it is the richest in architectural monuments of the Middle Ages in Bulgaria. It is an inheritor of the ancient Thracian settlement named Menabria, founded in the 2nd millennium BC. Its name means town/bria/ of Mena.

In 1956 the town was declared an architectural, urban planning and archaeological reserve. The remains of an ancient fortress wall with a gate of the 3d-4th century, Nesebar churches of 5th-6th century and the subsequent ones of the Middle Ages (10th-14th century) representing the exquisite works of the medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine architecture, about 60 houses of the Bulgarian national revival, united in several ensembles, give an exceptional appearance and special atmosphere to the town. The ancient part of the town of Nesebar is a cultural monument of the UNESCO World Heritage List.