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mena palace


Ресторант Мена Палас се намира на партерния етаж и е обзаведен в класически стил. Разполага с вътрешна зала за хранене със 140 места и голяма тераса с още 140 места.

Същевременно се предлага сладолед. За приятния престой на гостите всеки вторник има българска фолклорна програма и национална българска кухня. Всеки петък вечер има италианска кухня.

Часовете за хранене са както следва:

ресторант Мена Палас, приготвен за събитие
Ресторант Мена Палас
mena palace


The Mena Palace restaurant is situated on the ground floor and is furnished in a classic style. It contains a 140-seat indoor dining area and a spacious terrace with another 140 seats.

There is also ice cream available. Every Tuesday, there is a Bulgarian folklore performance and national Bulgarian cuisine to make the tourists’ stay more enjoyable. Every Friday evening, Italian cuisine is served.

The dining hours are as follows:

ресторант - хотел Мена Палас
ресторант Мена Палас с изглед към градината
лоби бар - Мена Палас
фоае и лоби на хотел Мена Палас
mena palace

Lobby bar

The lobby bar is decorated in a classic style. It contains 30-40 seats and is situated next to the reception area.

Free facilities

Indoor swimming pool

with a water slide

Outdoor pool

with umbrellas and sunbeds

Playground and

mini club for children

Mini golf

for sports lovers

Children's disco

for the little ones



mena palace

Cocktail bar

The cocktail bar is decorated in a beach theme, with seashells and canopies. It serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails, ice cream, roasted nuts, popcorn, and hookah.

Consumption at the bar is not included in the all-inclusive package and is subject to payment.

коктейл бар на открито - хотел Мена Палас
коктейл бар - Mena Palace
бар-ресторант - хотел Мена Палас
билярдна маса до бар на открито в хотел Мена Палас
mena palace


The bar-restaurant is located on the terrace, near the pool. The all-inclusive package includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Bulgarian producers, as well as 7 types of cocktails (one for each day).

Five days a week, there is live music near the bar. Every Tuesday, a Bulgarian folklore program is presented.

In addition to the folklore program, we offer other types of dance programs twice a week to keep the guests entertained.

Working hours of the bar

Live music


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