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Mena Palace Hotel was built in 2004 and welcomed its first guests in the summer of 2005. The hotel features a lobby bar, a cocktail bar (serves for a fee), an outdoor bar, a restaurant with an indoor hall, and a spacious sun terrace where the outdoor bar is situated.

The hotel has its own parking lot (for up to 22 cars). We provide the following services to make our guests’ stay more enjoyable:

плувен басейн и пространство около басейна на хотел Мена Палас - all inclusive настаняване в Слънчев бряг
Фасада на хотел Mena Palace и красиво озеленяване отпред
Луксозно настаняване в хотели в Слънчев бряг All Inclusive - Мена Палас

Mena Palace

The name of the Mena Palace Hotel is derived from the name of the first Thracian chieftain who settled in the territory of the peninsula. The city was named Menabria by the ancient Thracians, which means the city of Mena in Greek.

Throughout its thousand-year history, the city has been ruled by various rulers but has remained a significant commercial, cultural, and spiritual center on the Black Sea coast.

Several temples, a school, and an amphitheater were built.



The Old Metropolis, one of the most remarkable churches, has been recreated in the Mena Palace Hotel’s massive atrium.

An enlarged replica of an author’s painting portraying God’s blessing over the city of Nessebar and its principal symbol – the Christian temples – is displayed above it.

атриум в хотел Мена Палас, Слънчев бряг
Атриум в хотел Mena Palace - Слънчев бряг


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